Jinny Whitehead is a self-taught studio potter living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Strongly influenced by nature’s awesome bounty — the mountains, forests and the ocean — the focus of her art is to transport nature into the home.

"Living close to the water's edge, mountains and forests, I am inspired by a richness of forms, shapes and textures. It is probably because of that relationship with nature that I enjoy constructing vessels that transport the natural world into my urban living space.

By combining throwing and hand building techniques I create natural forms which are particularly suited to firing with wood. As the flame passes through the kiln it embraces each pot in its path, giving life to its surface and character to its forms. The humble pot, emerging from the kiln embodies in its spirit the sum of all the forces and events that have shaped and created it.

I believe my creations evolve from my life experiences. Years of travelling and living in different countries have exposed me to an array of cultures. My ceramics fuse this awareness with a fascination for and love of natural forms."